Wolfgang Henseler

Digito ergo sum

Ever since we use digital media we leave digital footprints in an alternative environment. mobile devices have becomes extensions of our physical bodies and intermediators to this digital world. using apps with profiling technologies we track and trace ourselves to create our digital alter ego. soon personal interface agents will be our personal digital assistents combing learnability with autonomous adaptivity and finally to create an unfragmented image of ourselves in a digital surrounding – a mental identity in a non-physical world.

Prof. Wolfgang Henseler (born 1961) is founder and managing creative director at SENSORY-MINDS, a designstudio for new media and innovative technologies based in Offenbach am Main (Germany) and a professor for Digital Media — natural user design, multitouch technologies, social media, usability and user experience — and for Intermedia Design — the Internet of Things — at the University of Pforzheim — Faculty for Design. For more than 15 years Professor Henseler has worked and done research within the areas of user-centred-interface-design and interface-agents. When it comes to next generation websites (web-interfaces). Professor Henseler can be mentioned as one of the most visionary persons and consults Google and Microsoft in the field of natural-user-interface-design, the next generation of human-computer-interface-design. As a speaker Professor Henseler has been invited to many international conferences such as the Apple Millenium Tour, Microsoft Envision Tour (Milan, Prague, Dubai, Las Vegas etc.), the Financial Times “Interfacing the Future” conference with Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO).

As a trend and innovation specialist for new and emerging media and future technologies Professor Henseler advices international leading companies i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Nestlé or Deutsche Lufthansa on their internet-, mobile-, social media-, retail- or e-business strategies.