Elisabeth von Samsonow

Cordless Mega Confusion

Her talk will focus on the transformation coming along by wireless communication. Since the past technical installations had suggested to form a sort of mega body comprising all of us in a post-christological manner (veins of blood and effective organs), the cordless and invisible wave architecture of …
contemporary communication technologies (by preference mobile phone networks) induce a social atmosphere of pure and constant cohesion of individuals. She would like to show how this fact affects consciousness. Using GWF Leibniz’s aesthetic concept of “clear and confuse perception” she will try to give proof to her thesis that this moment marks symbolically the new dawn of one transpersonal consciousness, i.e. what she would call the mega confusion.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth von Samsonow is a philosopher and artist. She works, among many other things, as Professor for Philosophical and Historical Anthropology at the Kunst an der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna. She is am member of GEDOK Munich and is active internationally exhibiting her work and curating exhibitions. Her teachings and research focus on philosphy and the history of religions relating to a theory of a collective memory, the relationship between Art and Religion past and present, a theory and history of the perception of women as well as female identification, sacral androgyny and the modern dissolution of the self. Her work as an artist is concerned with the systematic and symbolic place of sculpture in the canon of Art.