Gunter Dueck

Building your identity

Back in the days it was up to parents, priests and other hierarchies to decide who we were meant to be. The space left to design our own “selves” was tiny and further limited by a steadfast “home”. But today, after Christ’s influence has all but gone, education and management are professionalized to a cluster of “correct behaviors”. Work and private life are blended and we tend to be a virtual one who
used to be at least two. Today building your own identity requires more activity. We have to learn to walk onto the stage of a virtual reality as one unique personality — without getting lost in ever new communities and identities.

What could the design principles of this new and necessary identity-imagology be?
We have to understand how to integrate the all new and excessive many into a whole One. New simple being — that’s what I call it. No thinking in boxes, no managing of inner diversities. Religion has become too weak, digital ignorants cannot give us directions. We — ourselves in transition – have to believe in new ways, work in new ways, live in new ways, learn to be world citizens in new ways. What will be the result? Kind of an augmented human being.

Günter Dueck is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, an IEEE Fellow, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences. He authored some satiricalphilosophical books on humans, management and life and the Financial Times Germany Management Book of the year 2006 Lean Brain Management — Success and more Efficiency by Zero-Intelligence.